Our Radon Control Services

    We offer radon mitigation for every major area that is occupied, such as schools, commercial businesses, and homes. Our services also extend to real estate, as it a required service that is performed before moving into a new home.

    Radon Mitigation Contractors in St Louis, MO

    Radon can be harmful to your health and that is why mitigation is necessary. The goal of mitigation is to reduce the risk of harm. Radon Control Services can offer you the quality of service that you need. Lung cancer can develop due to high levels of radon in your home. Our radon reduction systems are effective within the first day of installation and will help to maintain low levels of radon whenever a fan is on.

    The type of home that you have is what will dictate the type of radon solution that is needed for your home. As certified radon service contractors, we have been successful at helping many of the homeowners in St. Louis, MO. Our job isn’t to completely rid you of traces of radon, it is to reduce the level of radon found in your home or business; to a level that is not harmful.

    Radon Control Services was founded in St. Louis, MO 20-years ago. During this time, we have become the preferred radon mitigation provider in the area. Others can do the same job for you but they may not be as thorough as we are, which is why it is in your best interest to rely on us for your mitigation service provider. We offer the results that you are seeking.

    Let us help keep your family safe.

    Radon Mitigation Since 1999

    We are here to take care of any of your radon mitigation needs, regardless of the type of establishment you occupy. It is certainly in your best interest and that of others to allow us to test for radon.




    Chrissy M.

    When we bought our home, Radon Gas tested in at OVER 5.76 we had Chris come out and do a PERFECT install and our readings are .70! I highly recommend Radon Control Services, their bid was clear, their product installed were proper for the application and the final outcome was fantastic!

    Nevresa F.

    The customer service – the follow up and the quality of work cannot be compared to anyone else! As a realtor who’s dealt with a good share of companies- I can say with confidence that Chris with Radon Control is absolutely incredible!

    Joyce F.

    I highly recommend Chris Costello of Radon Control Services to mitigate your home of elevated radon levels. Chris is a qualified radon mitigation contractor with outstanding professionalism, reasonable rates, and courteous service. He arrived as scheduled, assessed the most appropriate location for the system to be installed with as little obtrusion as possible to the home’s exterior, and promptly went to work. Within several hours the system was up and running and all areas were completely cleaned up and looking better than before he arrived! Thank you for your expert service!


    If you do not want to be held liable for harm that may come to others then protect yourself with radon testing performed by licensed professionals from Radon Control Services.