Radon is a natural and radioactive gas that can harm people that drink and breathe it. It can cause lung cancer, and the symptoms are only experienced and notable until too late. Radon also cannot be seen, smell, or touched; that is why it is so important to contact a radon mitigation company in Kirkwood, MO. 

Radon Control Services is ready to offer you the best radon systems solutions for the highest radon levels in your properties. We inspect, analyze the level of radon with the proper equipment, and offer the best solution. Our different systems are Drain-tile Depressurization and Sub-Slab Depressurization; both are the best and ultimate systems to treat radon! 


Types of Radon Mitigation Systems

There is a level of radon that is not that harmful to the health of people, and it is estimated to be 1.3 pCi/L; when there is a higher level of radon in your properties, we take care of it, and we offer the two best methods to get rid of it. 

Drain-tile Depressurization

This method develops a vacuum in the drain-tile of a drainage system that pulls the radon gas. The vacuum communicates with the soil surrounding the radon, making it possible to get rid of it. You can also monitor it and see the radon levels; if you see it is increasing, you can call us, and we will inspect the system and take action. It is our most recommended radon mitigation system. 

Sub-Slab Depressurization

We create a hole to reach the soil underneath and locate a collation chamber where the radon can be sucked out with suction pipes placed in the chamber and the radon vent fan. This radon mitigation system has also demonstrated its quality and good performance in lowering radon levels in different properties. 

Get Your Professional Radon Mitigation in Kirkwood, MO with Radon Control Services! 

We guarantee that you will not have to worry about having radon in your properties with these two different radon mitigation systems. Our 20 years of experience with radon and clients’ reviews and excellent feedback has proof that radon hasn’t been a problem for their health. Radon is a huge problem, but with us, it will just be an anecdote.