Radon is a radioactive gas that seeps into buildings and can cause cancer. Children are especially vulnerable to radon’s harmful effects because their lungs are still developing, so they breathe in more air per pound of body weight than adults. When children inhale the gas, the radiation may damage their cells in ways that appear later in life as cancer or other diseases.

This blog post will tell you how having radon in schools can affect children and how you can fix it.

How Radon Can Affect Children

Radon exposure can occur at school for a variety of reasons. For example, radon is naturally found in the soil. When there are cracks or holes around your building’s foundation, it can seep into these areas, too, since they’re typically enclosed environments. 

This means that if you have high levels of radon near your building’s foundations, the levels of radon in your school building will be high too.

Students can get exposed to radon at school because radon evaporates into the air, and if there is poor ventilation, this means more exposure for children. It’s crucial to remember that children spend a lot of time in school, so if they’re breathing air that it’s contaminated with radon constantly, the consequences will be terrible.

Therefore, schools need to take proactive measures to reduce their children’s risk of radon exposure. Schools should measure the level of radon throughout their building regularly and fix any areas where there are cracks or holes around your foundation so that you can prevent high levels from entering your school. 

To do this, schools should look for a radon specialist to develop the necessary measures to eliminate radon.

Get Rid of Radon For Good!

It’s time to take school radon mitigation seriously and get it done before it’s too late! Schools should prioritize getting their building out for radon; that’s why Radon Control Services offer the most effective radon mitigation services in St. Louis. Since 1999, we’ve offered our mitigation services to schools so that they can provide a safe environment for children. 

Our team of radon specialists is trained on what they should do to eliminate it. Give us a call to get a free quote now so we can create an action plan together!