Radon is a natural gas that occurs in the atmosphere due to the union of uranium, thorium, or radium, which are radioactive metals that break down in rocks, soil, and groundwater. Radon in your houses or commercials places is extremely dangerous for your health. 

Breath and drink radon can cause lung cancer, and the worst part is that you can’t smell, touch, or see it. However, we know that it requires the professional services of a radon mitigation company to notice it. In winter seasons, there is high exposure and, for instance, toxicity and risk increases. Pay attention to the following statements of why radon levels up in winter seasons. 


Usually, in the spring seasons, residents keep the windows of their properties open to enjoy the natural weather, the wind, and much more. Even though they do not know because they can’t notice it, they are mitigating the radon. On the contrary, in winter seasons, windows stay closed, and the lack of outside ventilation makes radon stay inside and increase its levels. 

Rain, Snow, Ice! 

It is normal to experience high rain, snow, and even ice in the winter season. All these elements saturate and freeze the soil. Meaning radon does not flow into the atmosphere, so it concentrates into your house, increasing the radon levels at their maximum throughout time. 

Heating System 

In winter, a heating system needs to keep the warm environment inside your house; however, through this system, radon can get into your house, increasing in that manner the presence and levels of it. Radon mitigation companies need to revise all these systems, value the radon level, and guarantee that you will be safe during winter before it’s too late. 

All these reasons for higher radon levels under the winter season are also why radon mitigation companies recommend performing radon mitigation before winter. They can notice it easily and get rid of it completely to guarantee safety for the following months.

Get Your Radon Mitigation With Radon Control Services Before It’s Too Late! 

As a certified radon mitigation company, we take care of the levels of radon in your properties. We have the proper equipment and the best techniques to eliminate that dangerous gas that can harm your family. Do not expose yourself; better inspect your home before the winter season!