The history of radon began in Europe. Friedrich Ernst Dorn, a German physicist and university professor, noticed that radioactive elements such as thorium and radium emitted the same radioactive substance. Over the 20th century, the study of radon and its dangers has been ongoing.


This blog post will share a little history of how radon was discovered and the steps people took to find out how high radon levels in houses were dangerous. Read on to learn more!

Residential Radon Discovery

In 1984, 4 months before the Chornobyl disaster. While working on a Limerick nuclear construction site in Pennsylvania, Stanley Watras set off a radiation detector. Because no radioactive material existed in the facility yet, the safety equipment installers were baffled. They had just set up the equipment and assumed it was defective.


The equipment, however, proved to be in good working order. After inspecting Watras’ home and discovering such high radon lectures, they found the reason why his person had become radioactive. This incident became widespread news and prompted significant study and awareness of indoor radon’s presence and effects.

Consequences Of Radon Exposure

Exposure to high radon levels can have serious health consequences. When radon gas accumulates in indoor spaces, it can damage your lung cells and increase the risk of lung cancer. It’s the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, and exposure to it can also increase the risk of other cancers, including leukemia.

The History Of Radon Mitigation Begins

The Watras incident spread awareness among homeowners and the dangers of radon gas in residential dwellings. Today we better understand the risk of radon exposure and how radon mitigation services can help.


People exposed to high levels of radon gas should take steps to mitigate their exposure, such as by installing a radon mitigation system in their homes. Radon mitigation systems reduce the amount of radon gas in indoor air, thereby reducing the risk of exposure.

Protect Yourself & Those Around You By Installing A Radon Mitigation System

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers and is estimated to cause thousands of deaths yearly. Installing a radon mitigation system is the best way to protect yourself and those around you from the dangers of radon exposure.


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