Radon is a radioactive gas that can’t feel, smell, or taste and arises from the decay of uranium (metal found in rocks and ground). The uranium decays, and it becomes radium, another metal that becomes radon when it breaks down. Radon immediately leaves the ground and starts being part of the air and water.

Usually, radon gets into properties, and people cannot notice it. Depending on the amount of radon, it can cause minimum or dangerous effects on the health of people that breathe or drink it. Take a look at some of the most common effects when people do not request radon mitigation.

Lung Cancer

People may not notice it but, radon is the second cause of lung cancer. Smokers and non-smokers are at risk. Radon is the cause of thousands of people dying of lung cancer.

When people breathe radon, it goes to the lining of their lungs, damaging the cells and causing cancer. Other researchers have linked radon with leukemia; however, the sources aren’t clear.

Radon mitigation companies’ purpose is to study the radon level in your properties. However, either they or doctors can declare if you have breathed or drink sufficient radon to contract cancer lung. The symptoms of lung cancer start until it’s too late, and those can be cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, and the worst is losing weight, coughing up blood, or having chest pain.

How to Stop Radon Presence in Your Home?

You can’t notice that radon is on your property; that is why it is recommended to taste the radon level every certain period and request radon mitigation from a professional, certified, and skilled radon mitigation company. They can take care of all the radon particles in your home and keep your environment safe. Your best and the only solution is here!

Hire Radon Control Services To Get Rid of Radon!

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