Excessive radon levels are a serious health concern and can lead to an elevated risk of lung cancer. Fortunately, today’s radon mitigation systems are very effective, but there’s a common question that homeowners often ask: should I install a radon fan in my basement? The short answer is no. Installing a radon fan in the basement can often be inappropriate and even dangerous.

Why Is The Basement A Bad Place For A Radon Fan?

The basement of a home is often not the best place for a radon fan because it can lead to several problems. Before mentioning the practical reasons, we have to mention the ones related to building codes.

In many areas, building codes require that all mechanical systems are installed in open and readily accessible locations. A radon fan should generally be outside or in the attic instead of in the basement, which is often closed off due to insulation and other factors. Reliable radon control services will never suggest a radon fan in the basement.

Any little leakage of the radon gas can provoke a serious problem in the basement. The function of the radon fan is to suck the radon gas from below and blow it outside. But suppose there is no proper ventilation system present in the basement. In that case, all this radon gas can be stuck inside, which is illegal and dangerous.

Why Do Experts Recommend Installing A Radon Mitigation System In Attics & Garages?

The attic and the garage are better suited for radon fan installation than basements because they offer better ventilation. Radon control services will prefer this area of your house because if the radon fan is not properly sealed, the leaking gas won’t contaminate the living space.


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