Radon is an odorless and colorless gas that occurs naturally when uranium in rocks, soil, and water breaks down. It can seep into buildings through cracks in the foundation or walls, making it a potential health hazard for those who spend much time indoors— for example, employees at a commercial building. Among its many dangers, long-term radon exposure can increase the risk of developing lung cancer. Not to mention that workers can feel worried and uncertain about the condition of their workplace, affecting their productivity and overall job satisfaction.

No one should be put in this situation when they’re only trying to do their job. At Radon Control Services, we know that you, as a concerned business owner, want to ensure the safety of your employees and clients. We understand better than anyone the importance of providing a safe working environment. Therefore, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping Webster Groves, MO, business owners install radon mitigation systems since 1999. Learn more about our solutions for radon in commercial buildings here.

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    The EPA recommends lowering radon levels in buildings to below 4 pCi/L. The challenge is that commercial buildings typically have more airflow, with different entry points for the gas. Our licensed professionals have the experience and expertise to identify when your radon concentrations are too high. They will then install the mitigation system that best suits your needs, ensuring low to non-levels of radon.

    Keep in mind that our radon control services bring many advantages to your business. Not only will you create a healthy and secure environment for employees, but customers will also take notice and appreciate your commitment to their safety. As a result, you’ll stand out among the competition and boost your brand’s reputation.

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