Do you know what radon is and how it can affect you? Well, radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally in soils, water, and air. It can be found anywhere there are radium-226 isotopes. Radon has been proven to cause lung cancer with long-term exposure. The radon levels must be below four pCi/L for homes or businesses to qualify as radon-free.

If you have high radon levels on your property, it is best to call a radon mitigation company right away!  The radon gas can seep into your homes and businesses through cracks, holes, or unsealed floors. To determine the radon levels in a commercial building, you have to call an environmental professional. 

We, Radon Control Services, offer commercial radon mitigation services. We’re experts that have been working since 1999, and that’s why we provide the best results!


The Importance of Radon Mitigation

Radon is a very dangerous gas. It has taken away thousands of lives due to lung cancer, and it’s the second-leading cause of lung cancer, just behind smoking. The main entry sites for radon are openings in the building, such as below-grade cracks in walls and floor joints. Other common entries are sump pump openings and loose-fitting pipe penetrations.

To successfully determine the radon levels in your building, a professional should go to your building and take air samples from different parts of the structure. Different systems reduce radon gas from entering both residential and commercial properties. That’s why after the testing, the radon mitigation company will let you know what kind of radon mitigation system best fits your building.

The number one priority when dealing with radon is safety. If you suspect radon in your commercial building, you should call the radon mitigation company to test it immediately. As the radon level rises in your business, so does the risk of getting lung cancer. Ensure your safety and your employees’ safety by calling a radon control service today!

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Get Your Radon Mitigation Services With Radon Control Services

At Radon Control Services, our priority is your safety! That’s why we have offered you radon testing and mitigation services since 1999. Our 22 years of experience have made us the best local company in St. Louis, Mo. We provide you with high-quality service with our effective radon reduction systems that will keep you safe from the first day of installation!

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