The Effectiveness Of Drain Tile Depressurization

In many places, radon gas levels in homes can be high enough to pose a serious health risk. To improve the sanity of your residence, at Radon Control Services, we offer an effective solution—drain tile depressurization (DTD). Our professionals use the latest technology to perform top-quality radon mitigation. Choose drain tile depressurization to reduce indoor radon levels and keep your home safe.

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What is Drain Tile Depressurization for Radon Mitigation?

Drain tile depressurization is a radon gas mitigation technique designed to reduce the levels of radon in residential homes. Our process involves creating a suction system that draws radon-laden air from the soil around your home and releases it outside. This negative pressure created by our system prevents radon gas from entering your home.

Although it’s not our most often chosen radon remediation method, DTD can be effective in many cases. It’s a good option for homes with a basement or crawl space, and we often use it with other radon mitigation systems. After a professional inspection, our experts will know immediately if a DTD system is the right choice for your home.

Why Is It So Effective?

Although it is a relatively simple process, our drain tile depressurization can effectively reduce radon gas levels. The suction system we create works to draw radon-laden air away from your home and release it out of the soil. A great advantage of this system is that it can also help with water management.

The sump pump used in the system helps to prevent moisture from building up around your foundation, making it a great solution for reducing both radon and moisture levels in homes.

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Your safety should always be a top priority, and we know it at Radon Control Services. Our specialists know what radon mitigation system will fit your specific situation best. Leave it to our professionals to inspect your home and create a plan that works for you. With more than 20 years in the field, no other radon mitigation company can match our experience or quality of work.

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