Radon Control Services wants to help eliminate the threat of radon exposure to you and others. We can only do this if you allow us to. Call on us and make sure that you and others are safe by allowing us to test for radon levels in your home, school, commercial property, office, and any other indoor facilities. We are certified, licensed radon specialists.

Since radon can’t be seen, you must know for certain whether your property has high levels of radon. We are prepared to sit and explain our process for testing and mitigation with you at any time. Understandably, not everyone seems too concerned about it. This is because it is odorless and you invisible. This is a silent killer that everyone can easily become exposed to without his or her knowledge. We suggest that everyone veer on the side of caution when it comes to his and her possible exposure to radon. There is nothing worse than knowing that you could have done something to prevent lung cancer and you didn’t.

Rather than assuming that testing was taken care of before you took ownership of your new home or commercial property, again, we suggest that veer on the side of caution by contacting us to let us test for possible high levels of radon. You don’t have anything to lose by doing so but you have everything to gain. You can’t put a value on peace-of-mind, which is what knowing will provide to you.

Once the testing has been completed then we will discuss our findings with you. This is nothing that should alarm you, as it is something that we can mitigate, which means fixed. Rather than living with high levels of radon, we can get the levels down to a level that no longer puts you at risk. Allow us to service your needs by arranging your radon testing today.

You may be slow to respond because you’re thinking that this is just another expense that isn’t worth it. However, we would beg to differ. If you value life then there is a good chance that you are now considering having the testing done. It doesn’t cost a lot and could potentially save your life and the lives of others. While we don’t think that you can put a price on your life, we’ll leave the decision about how you prove it, up to you.

Our job is to offer and provide you with the protection that you need against the exposure of radon. We’re here to answer and address any concerns that you may have about this natural gas and to also, rid you of the problem if this is necessary. It doesn’t matter the extent of the job that has to be done, we are well-qualified professionals who can effectively mitigate on your behalf. We make it well worth the expense, regardless of how modest the cost is to you. Call us for a free, no-obligation consultation today.

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