When construction is brand new, radon mitigation systems are particularly important. Radon could be at harmfully high levels and should be lowered with an efficient system. That’s why at Radon Mitigation Services, we offer systems to mitigate radon levels in new buildings in St. Louis, MO area. 

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Importance Of Radon Mitigation In New Buildings

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that comes from the soil. Since it’s a radioactive gas, it’s extremely hazardous. The danger in having high radon levels in a building includes elevated risks of suffering cancer. New buildings are at particular risk of being polluted by radon due to many factors, like the underneath soil pressure adjusting to the weight of the new building.

Radon can enter through cracks, porous surfaces, and many other ways – especially in new buildings in St. Louis. At Radon Control Services, we offer radon mitigation systems to ensure you’ll breathe clean air without any threat of health risks due to radon. Also, radon mitigation systems require little maintenance and raise the value of your property!

What Does A Radon Mitigation System Do?

Radon mitigation prevents the entrance of radon from your premises. At Radon Control Services, we offer comprehensive services to new constructions throughout the St. Louis, MO, area. We ensure radon won’t enter your building. Our radon mitigation services also help to keep at bay other harmful gasses that might come in.

Even though most construction companies manage meeting radon mitigation standards, we always recommend you contact us. Our experienced staff will handle this process for your peace of mind. At Radon Control Services, we offer the best services in terms of radon mitigation systems for new constructions.

Your Trusted Aid In Mitigating Radon

When you need help reducing radon levels in new construction, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Radon Control Services! We’re a radon mitigation company in St. Louis, MO, offering top-notch services to protect you from the harmful effects of radon. Stop looking for “radon mitigation near me”, get in touch for a free quote today!