As a developer or builder, we know you want to create aesthetically appealing, safe, and secure spaces. That’s why having a radon mitigation system in place from the onset of your new construction in Clayton, MO, is crucial.

Thinking of potential radon presence when delivering the final project can make you anxious. At Radon Control Services, we understand your concerns. Mitigating this silent threat shouldn’t be difficult. As a certified radon contractor, trust us to ensure your new constructions are safe for their new occupants.


Enhance Safety & Value with Radon Mitigation

When you install a radon mitigation system in your new construction project, you’re investing in the health of future occupants. This proactive step ensures that indoor air quality remains safe from this harmful gas, contributing to the well-being of everyone who steps foot inside.

Moreover, this is also a wise investment. A property equipped with a radon mitigation system instantly holds higher market value.

Expert Integration Of Radon Control In New Construction

At Radon Control Services, our expert team knows how to incorporate a mitigation system into new construction projects seamlessly. We guarantee minimal disruption to your build process. We offer two types of radon control systems for new constructions.

Active Mitigation

This system uses an in-line fan to actively draw radon gas from under the foundation and expel it outdoors through a plastic pipe. It’s an effective solution for areas with high radon levels.

Passive Mitigation

Like the active system, this method also channels radon from beneath the foundation to the outside. However, it does not require a fan. The natural airflow of the building removes the radon gas. This system is ideal for areas with lower radon levels.

How To Get Our Radon Solutions

To ensure the safety and value of your new construction project with Radon Control Services, all you need to do is:

  1. Fill out our contact form or give us a call to share more details about your project, and we’ll provide you with a free estimate.
  2. Choose a convenient day for our team to arrive at the construction site and install the radon mitigation system.
  3. Present a stunning property that’s visually appealing and guarantees health safety by being radon-free.

Build Radon-Free Spaces with Us

Don’t take the risk of exposing future occupants to radon gas. It not only endangers their health but can also decrease the value of your project. With Radon Control Services, you can ensure beautiful and safe spaces.

Whether you’re a builder, developer, or property investor, we can help you keep your next construction in Clayton, MO, free from this gas. Contact us for expert consultation and installation of a radon mitigation system!