Protecting their family, customers, and property is a top priority for businesses and homeowners. Radon gas can enter your home or commercial building through foundation cracks due to its naturally occurring presence in soil and rock. 

If not taken care of, radon can cause respiratory issues and other symptoms in your family or staff. That’s why Radon Control Services is dedicated to providing the best radon mitigation system solutions in St. Louis, MO, and the surrounding areas.

From radon mitigation systems installation and radon in water treatment, our radon mitigation services are designed to ensure your family and staff are safe from radon. So you can trust we’re the St. Louis radon mitigation provider you can call!

Radon Mitigation Company in St. Louis

Consequences Of Not Hiring Our Radon Mitigation Services

At Radon Control Services, our commitment is to protect your family, staff, and customers from radon. The sooner you install a radon mitigation system, the better it is for everyone. Here are some consequences of not calling our professionals:

  1. Increased risk of radon-induced lung cancer.
  2. Respiratory issues like coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.
  3. Weak immunity to fight against respiratory infections like colds and flu viruses.
  4. Long-term health effects include anemia caused by radon exposure, inhalation, or ingestion through contaminated water sources.
  5. Higher risk development is related to children whose immune systems are not yet fully developed.
  6. Heart diseases are caused by long-term radiation exposure.
  7. Allergic reactions to radon in the air or water consumption lead to skin rashes, itchy eyes, and breathing problems such as asthma attacks.

Our reliable radon control company’s main goal is to keep radon levels in your home or commercial building at safe and healthy levels. We install radon mitigation systems to ensure radon levels stay low.

Avoid Devastating Health Concerns With Radon Control Services!

Although installing a radon mitigation system should alleviate any concerns about this dangerous gas, research shows that 1 in every 100 homes will still contain unsafe levels even after such installation. For this reason, it’s crucial to search for the best radon mitigation provider in St. Louis. Fortunately, Radon Control Services is here to help you!

We opened our doors in 1999 and have been providing radon mitigation services ever since. We offer personalized solutions to fit any budget, and by hiring us, you’ll be sure that radon levels in your house will be under control. 

Plus, radon in water treatment will be a priority for us. So you can rely on us. We’re the St. Louis radon mitigation provider you can trust!

Radon Mitigation System in St. Louis, MI

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