The threat of radon is constantly hovering over households. High radon levels are toxic and can cause cancer. That’s why you must rely on an effective radon mitigation company. Discover what you have to consider when getting the best radon solution for your house.

  • How High Are Your Radon Levels?

The most crucial aspect is to consider the initial radon levels in your home. When you get radon testing done, you’ll receive a measurement of the radon levels present. According to how much radon there is, you can get different types of radon solutions that will better address your situation.

  • What’s The Size Of Your House?

Mitigation companies also consider your house size when recommending what kind of system to install. Larger houses need more robust systems to reduce the radon levels effectively.

  • What’s The Type Of Your House?

Your house’s foundation is also a determining factor in getting a mitigation system. Some companies might not be able to help you if your home has, for example, a crawl space. You must ask the company about this before you get one to avoid being disappointed later on.

  • Consult A Reliable Radon Mitigation Specialist

Now that you know what to look for in a radon mitigation system, it’s time to find a reliable specialist that can help you out. With a radon specialist, you can be sure that your family is safe from the dangers of radon exposure. They will offer their professional opinion on the best radon solution for your house.

  • Get A Quote

The last thing you need to do once you’ve considered all these factors is get a quote from a mitigation company. This will give you an idea of how much the entire process will cost, and you can then choose the best option for your needs. Make sure you choose a company that you can trust and that will provide you with a high-quality system.

Get A Radon Solution

If you’re looking for radon mitigation in St. Louis, MO, contact Radon Control Services. We offer radon mitigation systems to protect your family and house from the toxic effects of radon. Our team of professionals are radon specialists and can install the radon mitigation system that you need.