One of the biggest questions that we receive at Radon Control Services is at what level should radon be mitigated? If you have had your home tested and there are high levels of radon present, you should have mitigation performed. It is highly recommended that you allow a certified, licensed radon specialist to perform the job for you.

There are different types of homes and this means that different types of mitigation will be necessary. The differences in the way that the radon is mitigated will affect the cost of your radon remediation. We have the experience needed for any type of home. 

Types of Property Mitigation

Homes that have a basement can often benefit from the wall suction system. This type of system uses ductwork and a fan that sucks on the cavities of the wall. This keeps the air pressure inside the walls lower than the air in the basement.

The polluted air is then pulled out before it enters the basement. The homes with a basement or crawl space with an earthen floor, sub-membrane ventilation is what is generally used to mitigate the radon levels. A plastic barrier acts as a cover for the air. 

Affordable Radon Mitigation Services

Since there are various types of mitigation processes that can be used, we’re sure that we’ll find the one suited to your needs. Don’t be worried about the cost of the process because we’ll work with you to get you all the help that you might need.

We know how harmful this can be and we would never dismiss the needs of our neighbors. If you have a budget for the testing and mitigation then we’ll work with your budget. Never simply ignore it, as you will surely live to regret it later. Let us work with you.

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Hire Qualified & Professional Radon Mitigation Specialists

A certified, licensed radon specialist is sure to understand the systems that are offered and how to effectively install them. However, even before installing the right mitigation system, you should know that who you rely on for testing, has the qualification needed to effectively evaluate the levels of radon in your home.

At Radon Control Services we are a team of licensed and certified radon specialists, which means that you can rely on us for accurate testing and the installation of your mitigation system. We know all that we need to know.

Rador Mitigators Ready to Solve Your Problem!

Since you may not know much about radon or how it even got into your home, you may want someone to explain it to you. Rather than trying to find something online about radon, you can always rely on our knowledgeable associates to discuss this with you in terms that you can understand.

They won’t talk over your heads so that it is simply a one-sided conversation. They discuss it in a way that makes you well-informed of the harm that it can cause and how it can be properly mitigated. We offer proven effective results and guaranteed satisfaction.

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