Radon is a dangerous gas that can slowly kill you. Radon is a gas that can cause severe respiratory diseases, including bronchitis and lung cancer. This is why it’s important to get your home tested for radon and take action if the levels are too high. 

The only way to stop radon from entering your home is with an effective radon mitigation system. We, Radon Control Services, are the best radon mitigation company in St. Louis, providing high-quality radon mitigation systems since 1999. Our 22 years of experience and our satisfied customers demonstrate our efficiency.


Learn About Our Mitigation Systems

For many years, we’ve been offering St. Louis residents radon mitigation systems so that they can eliminate them from their houses and businesses. We do these by implementing two different mitigation systems, which are:

  • Drain-tile depressurization: this is a system that uses the water to push radon out of your home. It’s installed in places where radon accumulates. It consists of sealing all cracks, installing fans, vents, pipes, and replacing materials with high-density polyethylene sheets before adding clean gravel to allow proper drainage.
  • Sub-slab-depressurization: this system is the most effective, and it consists of an injection point installation, which injects a radon-resistant material under your foundation. This method aims to block off the entrance from soil gas into homes by injecting inert gases such as argon or nitrogen in places where they accumulate. 

Depending on your property, the radon levels, and your needs, we can help you choose which of these two systems will fit best for you. 

Let Us Take Care Of Your Radon Issues

Radon Control Services is a qualified licensed radon mitigation company in St. Louis, MO, and surrounding areas that can provide you with an effective solution for your home or business. We offer the best radon mitigation systems as well as outstanding customer service at an affordable price.

At Radon Control Services, we’re pleased to be St. Louis’s favorite and most trusted company. That’s why we strive to be better every day so that we can provide unmatched service. We look forward to hearing from you soon and working with you on your radon mitigation project!