Residential Radon Mitigation Services St Louis

Your home should always be a safe haven that you can return to without any safety concerns. You may not know how it but you may have radon gas seeping into your home then without knowing it because it is odorless and colorless. If you are concerned that this harmful gas is in your home then call on Radon Control Services.

We are a team of professionally trained, licensed and certified radon specialists. With our help, we can test and handle your radon mitigation. Don’t take unnecessary chances when you don’t have to, as we are here when you need us. 

Radon Mitigation Systems

When there is too much radon in the home this requires us to use an active soil depressurization systems, which block radon gas. It does this by venting the radon gas with a vacuum in the soil placed under the foundation. Active vent fans are used as a permanent pressure in the system.

The negative pressure extracts the radon through a suction, creating a safe level of radon in your home. This is one of the mitigation systems that we use most often in homes, as it proves effective. 

Drain-tile Depressurization

This system pulls radon gas by developing a vacuum in the drain-tile of a drainage system. This helps the radon mitigation system to effectively communicate with the soil that surrounds the drain-tile system. We may not use this system as often as the active soil depressurization but we certainly know how to install it if we find that this is the most suitable system for your home.

We’ll make sure that the system is working by continuing to monitor it. If the system is not showing us a lower rate of radon, we will change to another system that may work better to reduce the levels of radon.

Sub-Slab Depressurization

This system pulls the radon gas from the soil underneath the concrete slab. There is a hole created to reach the soil underneath. With a gas collection chamber, the radon gas can be sucked out. Radon suction pipes are then placed within the collection chamber and the radon vent fan.

This method proves effective in lowering the levels of radon in your home. We wouldn’t use it if we didn’t believe that it could do the job that it is intended to do. We offer you the results that you’re looking for.

Professional Radon Mitigation

The only way to have a safe level of radon in your house is to call on Radon Control Services in St. Louis to test for radon. If the levels are too high, we are also the best team of professionally licensed radon mitigation specialists. You are sure to find all that you need by relying on us for your radon service needs. It all begins with a thorough test of your house to determine the exact levels of this harmful gas that may exist. Rest assured that we only use proven effective systems to reduce the amount of radon in your home.

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