As caretakers for the future generation in Clayton, MO, you strive to create a safe, healthy environment for students, teachers, and staff. Ensuring good indoor air quality is one key aspect of this, along with mitigating potential health risks, such as radon exposure. But we know ensuring radon-free school premises can feel overwhelming.

At Radon Control Services, we understand your responsibility and the weight it carries. Every child and staff member has the right to a safe learning and working environment. That’s why we offer specialized school radon mitigation services designed to guarantee the safety and well-being of your school community. Consult our team today!


Ensure a Healthy Learning Environment with Our Radon Specialists

At Radon Control Services, we’re deeply committed to providing thorough and effective radon solutions that prioritize the safety of students, teachers, and staff. Here’s why partnering with us is a smart choice:

We’re a seasoned full-service radon mitigation company, proudly serving communities since 1999.

Our team comprises certified radon specialists, guaranteeing quality service you can trust.

We understand the importance of transparency in our work. That’s why we keep you involved throughout the process, so you can be sure your radon mitigation system is installed efficiently and effectively.

Your 3-Step Path to a Radon-Free School

The safety of students and staff is paramount. Here’s a simple plan to ensure your school environment in Clayton, MO, is radon-free:

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Pick a day that works for you, and we’ll bring our expert team to your school to deliver top-notch radon mitigation solutions.

Breathe easy knowing our trusted radon mitigation contractors safeguard your school!

Paving the Way for Healthier Schools

In the world of student safety, there’s no room for risks. As a principal or school board member in Clayton, MO, the last thing you want is to inadvertently expose them to respiratory issues due to overlooked high radon levels.

You can avoid this by working with a reputable radon mitigation company like Radon Control Services. With us, you can now secure a healthier future for your school community in Clayton, MO. Don’t let radon stand in the way of your commitment to safety. Take action today and contact Radon Control Services!