Radon can be found in any building not just in houses. If you have a commercial business that you are interested in protecting then you should give some serious consideration to installing a radon mitigation system in your business. Most employees spend eight hours or longer at work and should be protected from possible exposure to radon.

If the levels are too high, Radon Control Services can help lower them. We offer radon mitigation that will enable us to help lower levels of radon. If you want to maintain a safe and healthy work environment, we recommend that you install a mitigation system immediately. 

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When to Reduce Your Levels of Radon

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA has determined that levels higher than 4 pCi/L (picocuries per liter) are too high. If we discover that your levels are too high then we can get to work on installing a radon mitigation system that will lower it. Some special considerations need to be taken when reducing radon levels in commercial buildings.

These buildings usually have more airflow than a house, which poses a challenge. They may also have unusual structures, which may give radon different types of entry points to get into your building than a house. There are also specific times that radon mitigation can be done, which we will need to take into consideration when installing a mitigation system.

Affordable Commercial Radon Systems Installation

Many people believe that simply because it is a commercial business we have been asked to install a mitigation system in that the cost will be too much but this isn’t true. We also offer affordable radon mitigation systems for commercial businesses just like we do for houses and other facilities.

You can’t afford to take unnecessary chances and as long as Radon Control Services is around, you don’t have to. We’re here whenever you need us and will offer you services at prices that you can afford. We want to work with you no matter how big or small your commercial property is. 

Hiring Certified, Licensed Radon Mitigation Specialists

All of our radon specialists go through a professional vetting process. Our vetting process is done to ensure that everyone has the necessary credentials and that they have the skills needed to handle your radon mitigation.

When you hire a radon specialist from Radon Control Services, you can be certain that he has the skills and the qualifications needed to perform the job. Why not give us the chance to show you why our radon mitigation services are preferred.

Why Hire Radon Control Services?

Get what you pay for by relying on Radon Control Services. There is no one better suited to help with your radon service needs than our radon specialists. We are known for performing a complete job and this is why so many continue to depend on us for radon mitigation in St Louis.

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