Multi-family housing or multi-dwelling houses that have a HUD-approved loan or re-financing are required to have radon testing. If Radon Control Services finds levels that are higher than it should be according to the EPA, radon mitigation will be necessary. This is a system that we install in your home to lower the level of radon.

It is harmless and effective. The radon gases are in the environment, naturally. However, too much can be harmful, which is why radon testing is necessary, and in some cases, mandatory. As professionally trained radon specialists, we are happy to administer testing for you.

What Owner’s Should Know

There are four things that the owner or investor under HUD should know:

  1. Ensure that a certified/licensed radon expert performs radon testing and radon mitigation.
  2. Comply with testing according to HUD, lenders, and state laws.
  3. Complete and submit a Radon Report certificate of completion when the radon testing and/or mitigation has been completed.
  4. Let residents know before testing is done and whether radon mitigation will be necessary. They must know when the mitigation will start.

It is necessary to hire a certified radon professional when radon mitigation is recommended for a multi-dwelling home. Not every radon contractor is licensed and certified, which is why you should rely on Radon Control Services when mitigation is needed.

Advantages of Hiring an Expert

It isn’t always easy to install a radon mitigation system. Some can be trickier than others and this is especially true in large multi-dwelling properties. The building’s HVAC system, elevator shafts, staircases, and foundation can make this a complicated process.

You will need someone with a thorough knowledge of the process to perform the job. If you don’t then the job may not be completed properly and you could still be exposing others to radon without knowing it.

Affordable Radon Mitigation for Multi-Dwelling

At Radon Control Services, we know how important having this process taken care of for your property and that is why we do not try to charge you more than is necessary. The thought of having too much radon in your building is frightening enough and then trying to pay for it can make matters worse.

However, we assure you that we are happy to work with your finances to provide you with the radon testing and mitigation that you might need. Call us for a quote today.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Whenever you rely on Radon Control Services for your radon testing and mitigation, we’ll always do a complete job. Even before we start the testing process, we will consult with you to ensure that you are fully aware of our testing process. It doesn’t matter how large the property might be, we have extensive experience working with multi-dwelling properties of every size.

You are sure to be happy with the level of professionalism that we carry out our responsibility. If you want the best and most efficient radon testing and radon mitigation; rely on us. We offer guaranteed satisfaction.

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