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It is essential to have radon mitigation performed for any new construction. It adds value and can save lives. At Radon Control Services, we use proven effective mitigation systems to lower levels of radon.
Radon mitigation is less expensive in new construction rather than in an existing building, which is one of the reasons why we encourage you to have this done now instead of later. Due to the nature of this harmful gas, you must take mitigation seriously. No one takes it more seriously than we do.

    Residential Radon Mitigation

    How Prevalent is Radon in New Homes

    Many are surprised to learn that radon can be just as prevalent in a new home as it is in an older home. The age of the house doesn’t matter and does not affect how much of the harmful gas can get inside. However, some systems prove effective in lowering the amount of radon present.
    We offer passive and active mitigation for new construction. The active system uses an in-line fan to remove radon from under the foundation to outdoors through a plastic pipe. The passive system does the same thing but doesn’t require a fan.

    Affordable New Construction Radon Mitigation in St Louis

    People generally will continue to put off doing things that they know should be done simply because they don’t want the responsibility. With responsibility comes financial responsibility. Many will avoid having the work done because they fear that they will not be able to afford the service or that it will cost more than they have allotted for the job.
    If you want to be sure that you can receive the new construction mitigation that you need then make sure you rely on our experienced mitigation team. They are proven effective in all that they do.

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    Garage or Attic exposed to Radon | Radon Mitigation in St. Louis

    Hire a Professional Radon Mitigation Service

    The best way to rid yourself of too much radon is by relying on a professional team of radon specialists, Radon Control Services. We are a team of the most qualified team of professionals in the industry. No one will do as much as we will to ensure that the mitigation system that we install works to reduce your radon levels.
    Give us a call and we’ll complete the mitigation set-up process. We are your one-stop for all of your radon needs. When you want effective and affordable radon mitigation system, rely on us. We guarantee your total satisfaction.

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